Twin boys for Prince Georg Friedrich & Princess Sophie of Prussia

Today the happy news that Princess Sophie of Prussia, wife of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia who is the head of the house of Hohenzollern, gave birth to twin boys on Sunday 20 January 2013 was released.

A short statement on the family’s website said the prince announced the news of sons Carl Friedrich and Louis Ferdinand’s arrival to the world with “great joy and gratitude” and stated that both mother and children are doing well.

The birth took place in Bremen, Germany, on the second engagement anniversary of the happy new parents after it was initially said to be planned for February. But of course such things can never be completely planned.

It recently became known that the couple has moved to Bremen after previously living in an apartment in Berlin. Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie are said to want to give their children the kind of upbringing they had themselves, in the quiet and calm countryside.

Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie married in a wonderful religious wedding celebration at Potsdam on 27 August 2011, an event I am happy to have attended and enjoyed immensely and reported about in my blog at the time.

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