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A little summer holiday in Finland

Evening at summer cottage

I have just had a little summer holiday in Finland. Spent some time at a summer cottage where I swam, went to the sauna, read and listened to a lot of radio on my new iPod. During our stay at the summer cottage we took a day tour to Savonlinna (Nyslott in Swedish), in the heart a countryside region with lakes all around. On the way there we stopped at the Retretti Art Museum, an art centre with some exhibition rooms interspersed in caves below ground. The most unique museum experience I’ve had so far. They have both modern and classic art. In the evening we attended the Savonlinna Opera Festival at the medieval fortress Olavinlinna where the Swedish Royal Opera performed their production of Figaro’s wedding. It was my first visit at the opera festival and it was a wonderful experience, despite the hot humid air which was hard to cope with during the day.

Olavinlinna/Olofsborg/St. Olaf's Castle

On our way back from the cottage to the capital region we stopped at our favourite summer shop, located on one side of a bridge that crosses a river in great lake that characterizes the area.

Summer shop stop at Miekankoski

Every summer in the Finn-Swedish parts of Finland, youth organisations stage summer plays. So back in the Helsinki region we went to see one of them and although it wasn’t easy to understand all bits of the local Swedish dialect it was a great way to spend a summer’s evening and the hobby actors were all great.

"Brudvalet" at Lurens summer theatre in Pernå