New exhibition: “Från Ingegerd till Estelle”

Opening of "Från Ingegerd till Estelle"On the first day of June this past Saturday, I set off for for Sigtuna – a lovely seaside town north of Stockholm with fascinating roots back dating to the pre-Sweden days of the Middle Ages. My destination was not just Sigtuna, picturesque town centre though it has, but their museum and a new exhibition staged there.

The exhibition, “Från Ingegerd till Estelle – en prinsessutställning” (“From Ingegerd to Estelle – a princess exhibition“), combines history – from the very old to that of recent centuries – with modern art installations, objects and reflecting texts. All on the topic of princesses. Sigtuna Museum has chosen twelve of them, ranging in time from Ingegerd (ca. 1000-1050) to today’s Estelle (b. 2012), and tries to escape from the general male power perspective on history.

Opening of "Från Ingegerd till Estelle"From the early days of royal history, questions are asked about why female power yielders are not more interesting to us when we talk about our early history and the created “viking times”, and why are women so absent from history books for younger school children even today?

From an archaeological perspective to modern feminist video installations that explore the female role, the topics are explored in different ways. The modern art perspective though dominates; there are video installations, photographs, porcelain figures and pieces of clothing.

Opening of "Från Ingegerd till Estelle"

Princess Christina opened the exhibition on Saturday, joking that she is “the inauguration princess” of the female royal roles; someone one can call on when events like these take place. The Princess was joined by her husband Tord Magnuson and both seemed in a good mood as they arrived in their own car and happily received a lot of attention from a great audience of people at the museum.

Opening of "Från Ingegerd till Estelle"

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