Hello there, nice to see you stopping by my about page!

Absolutely gorgeous summer day in Stockholm today! Sunny and warm, lots of ice cream eating people. View from Blasieholmen where I had a meeting on board a beautiful old wood ship.

What is Sofia’s Blog?

It’s a personal blog that I registered in my own (domain) name so that I can have the freedom to write about anything I’m interested in and want to share with others. Many years ago I used to keep Sweden’s first royal blog (Kungliga Karameller) and after that I ran a couple in English as well. These days there’s just this blog, a personal hobby blog one could say, where I sporadically write.

Some of my books fronted by a postcard depicting "A woman writing a letter" by Albert Edelfelt, 1887. Ateneum, Finland's national fine art museum in Helsinki, used to sell the most wonderful postcards (I always bought way too many). Sadly they don't to thThe topics I cover here are mainly about things I do and am interested in – big royal news (deaths, births, weddings etc.), places I visit (castles, historical sites, travels abroad), events I go to (exhibitions etc., mainly royal ones), the occasional profiles of royals and other interesting historical figures, and occasionally something about books I read and/or recommend. But every once in a while there might be posts on completely different topics, perhaps cooking or baking and things connected to things Swedish/Sweden.

The posts are organized by category (found in a drop-down menu at the top, above the banner) and more finely by tags (found in a tag cloud on the right sidebar). The categories indicate the main topic of the posts and the tags give a finer break-down of what the post is a about. If you want to find something specific, the search function found on the right sidebar can help.

MeWho is Sofia?

I’m just a private Swedish citizen with a blog, nothing fancy. I could call myself a Scandinavian since I was born in Sweden but have Finn-Swedish and Norwegian parents (although there are of course other roots further back in history). My place of residence is outside Stockholm and I work as a cook. I read, speak and write Swedish and English fluently and can in various degrees get by in Finnish, German and French. Because of similarities to Swedish, I can read some Dutch.

My interests is a network of topics that go hand-in-hand and have developed with each other – history, classical art, royal and noble families, historic residences and churches, and cultural heritage. I like to wander around museums, historical residences churches and graveyards for hours.

Other than that I’m a keen radio listener, I like to bake, am raised on organic food, a believer in organic and small-scale/artisan production, a keen tea drinker (don’t drink coffee), a bit of a language nerds at times, I love period drama TV series and films, I believe in the importance of public libraries, oh, and Christmas is my favourite holiday.

What about the royal thing?

Sveriges kungahusIf you read this then there’s a big chance you might be a bit like me: a royal watcher, a royalist and maybe even a monarchist. That’s what I am, all three of them, and those are the kind of topics that tend to dominate my blog topics simply because this is a hobby of mine that goes hand in hand with my other interests.

My interest in royalty and monarchies stems from senior high school when I became more politically interested and aware. I started thinking a lot about the basics of how my country was run and looked up different political ideologies and parties. Among the results from that search was figuring out that a constitutional monarchy was my favourite political system (in countries with the right prerequisites that is). Having a uniting and non-political head of state and his/her family as supreme ambassadors, standing above party politics and ideologies, is a wonderful thought. Of course I realise it’s not unproblematic, especially not in the modern era we live in, but the idea is wonderful.

Thanks to my royal interest I’ve had the chance to use my hobby for something more than a blog. For example in 2010, for Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding, I worked with Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio, public service broadcasting) and am open to cooperation with serious projects.